Fire Tower Treehouse

But what should you do not have an appropriate tree to build in? Fear not, in the event you will, you can nevertheless have the lofty treehouses encounter by discovering or developing a fire tower treehouse, sans trees.

Fire towers were, before they burned out of control, and in some cases, are used to detect fires.

From their heyday in the early to mid part of the last century, they’ve been largely replaced with satellite technology. Though most have been destroyed, some remain accessible for purchase or rent, which means that without always having to build one from scratch, you are able to reside in your own fire tower tree houses.

This is the story of one couple who found the combination of isolation and panorama compelling they moved right into a fire tower and quit their jobs. They live a life that is simpler more connected to nature. Their view that is breathtaking overlooks countless miles of woods and gives them front-row-centre seats to celestial magic shows featuring the sun, moon and stars.

You might make you want to let, purchase or develop a fire tower treehouse of your own. To be able to help you out, I discovered a a web site full of fire tower locations, rental info, and graphics for one to base on your own layouts. If you happen to be in the US, you can always check out this government website listing fire towers available for rent across the country.

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